Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So I'm Back!

I'm not pregnant. I'm not dead. I'm not ill. Everything is fine. Wonderful, really.

I moved. I'm actually in a new city with a new job, one that I absolutely will not be talking about! It's amazing how people can relate your personal life to your professional one on the Internet...

I don't know how often I'll be able to blog (it always seems like people give up on these things eventually, which is like, quitting), but I've been extremely busy and will likely remain so.

Oh, and I met someone! He's gorgeous. I know I've said "Oh, we clicked" about others before, but we clicked! Still in the beginning stages of figuring each other out (the beginning is always the best, isn't it?) and seeing if this could even work.

I missed you guys! I'm going to check up on all of you right now.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Are really intense orgasms a symptom of - gulp - pregnancy?

I've had a few in recent weeks. The kind where you can't help but moan, even if you're normally quiet. (With Levi, and I know you're wondering. It's a bad habit. I don't want to be his girlfriend. But I don't do the fuck-buddy thing, either. But we're great friends. But...Oy.)

Thought process:

1. There's a bun baking.
2. I'm not getting laid enough.
3. His dick isn't even big!
4. "Please get my period. Please get my period. Please get my period."
5. Fuck.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Amazing, amazing things are happening. Well, one amazing thing in particular, but until it's finalized, I'm keeping absolutely mum. And no, it has nothing to do with men. All me. Talk amongst yourselves.

I keep writing about moving, but that's because it's a wealth of silly circumstances. Best friend and I found out that if we successfully rent our current abode we'll bank an easy $300. I proceeded directly to my camera, then directly to my computer to list it online. To me $300 is an oil change, a new cell phone, a pair of earrings and a box of expensive sugary kid cereal. Not to mention things I really need, like a fresh supply of birth control pills. Oh, how my ovaries ache for proper maintenance. Probably not a good idea to go off, on and off again, huh?

Ten people looked at my apartment accordingly, and the last was most interesting. We have similar names (from a specific region of the world), and the first thing out of his mouth was "So, where are you from?" Turns out we have family in the same country, and we talked that up in between me saying, "Here's the pantry, and this is the bathroom. Small, but um, functional."

Toward the end of his perusal, my roommate joked that because I have so many belongings it would take me an additional week to pack. To which he replied, "I wouldn't mind if she stayed around for a few extra days."


I walked him out and he somehow managed to work in, "Well, you have my number, so..."

The ways to meet people are getting utterly ridiculous.